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Exchange in Three Easy Steps

Deposit Your Week

Depositing your week means giving up your time and receiving a week credit to use for a future exchange. You do not need to know which location you want to exchange into before depositing.

  • There is no fee to deposit your week with InnTouch Travel.

  • Maintenance fees of the week you want to deposit must be paid prior to depositing.

  • Your week must be deposited at least 60 days prior to the check-in date.

  • Your week must be deposited and verified before it can be exchanged.

  • Once your week is deposited with InnTouch Travel you will have two years to use the credit towards an exchange.

Deposit by Phone: Call your resort's reservations department and reserve your week then state that you would like to deposit with InnTouch Travel. Then call us at 1-800-405-5385 and deposit your week.

Deposit Online: Once you have paid your maintenance fees and you have a specific week reserved to deposit, you may deposit online. You will need to login to your online account. Don't have an account with InnTouch Travel? Create one, it's free!

Search Exchange Availability

Our website is available 24 hours, 7 days a week so that you can search for exchange availability anytime!

  • You will need to login to your account to view available exchange weeks.

Search Exchange Online: Search online and once you find the perfect vacation click "Confirm" to start the exchange process or call us at

1-800-405-5385 to confirm.

Don't see what you are looking for?

Call us at 1-800-405-5385 to start an exchange request or complete the Exchange Request online and a Vacation Specialist will contact you.

Exchange Your Week

Exchanging your week is the use of a week at another resort or your own resort, other than the week you own or have reserved.

  • Now that you have deposited your week and found your travel destination, you can confirm your exchange. The exchange fee is $125.

  • Upgrades - You can upgrade into a holiday week or a larger suite. The upgrade fee is $95 per upgrade.

Exchange by Phone: Call us at 1-800-405-5385 to exchange your week.

Exchange Online: Once you find the perfect vacation, click "Confirm". Enter your payment information and print your confirmation.

Note: If you have no deposited week credit, your week may be in the process of being verified.

Exchange Availability
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